All committees are an important supporting arm of the Board of Directors.  They provide assistance in helping fulfill the Board’s goals at Timber Oak of fiscal prudence, high quality of life and a safe and secure environment.

We heartily encourage all owners and residents to volunteer for any of these committees that interest them.  Please contact Kelly Montesi of REI at

Communications Committee

Work together with the Board to inform, educate and engage residents regarding issues important to their understanding and participation in the community e.g., TO website, newsletter and general communication activities.

Landscape / Architectural Committee

Responsible to help plan a long term roadmap to improve the landscaping or other capital improvement projects that will enhance the community’s beauty. Monitor the on-going condition of the grounds by working closely with the property manager and the various landscape vendors.

Safety and Security Committee

Make recommendations to the Board that will improve the overall security and safety at Timber Oak relating to traffic patterns, signage and community protection.

Social Committee

Responsible for planning and conducting a wide variety of social events that provides opportunities for fellowship among residents including event parties for all ages, outings, holiday decorations etc.

Welcome Committee

Greet new owners upon their arrival to Timber Oak to provide a welcoming orientation and help them feel more at home. Provide a short review of key activities and regulations at Timber Oak; and answer any questions as needed.

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