Pool Rule Reminders

The pool is available to the Timber Oak community, and its guests, for individuals of all ages. The pool rules have been put in place to maintain both a safe and pleasant experience for all pool users. The cooperation of all homeowners, and guests, is following these rules is needed to make the pool enjoyable for everyone. Thank you.

• Pool hours are daily from 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM. There is no life guard on duty. Use of the pool and pool area is at your own risk. The Association is not responsible for accidents. Entry and exit to the pool and pool area is through the pool gate only. Your security keycard is required to enter the pool.

• No more than four guests per unit may be invited to the pool and pool area on any day. Guests must be accompanied by an adult resident. All residents must provide photo identification and sign in when entering the pool and pool area. All guests' names must be listed.

• Bathers must shower before entering or re-entering the pool and pool area. Spitting or blowing your nose in the pool is prohibited. Any person known or suspected of having a communicable disease is not allowed to use the pool.

• Inexperienced swimmers or non-swimmers must be accompanied by a responsible adult swimmer at all times. Incontinent individuals who normally wear diapers must wear swimsuit diapers. Rubber pants must be worn over the swimsuit diapers.

• Only appropriate attire is allowed when using the pool facilities.

• No smoking, alcoholic beverages, glassware, glass bottles, bobby pins, barrettes, and pets allowed in the pool and pool area. Food and beverages are prohibited from being consumed in the pool. Food and non-alcoholic beverages are permitted in the pool area only. All refuse must be placed in proper receptacles.

• No diving or jumping into the pool is allowed. Toys, such as beach balls, sport balls, dolls, action figures, non-water approved toys, water guns/shooters are not allowed. Toys permitted are diving

rings, noodles, goggles, swim masks/snorkels. Only two toys per child are permitted in the pool at one time.

• Rafts, floating chairs and other types of floating devices are not permitted in the pool or pool area except those required for safety reasons. Life vests, water wings, life jackets, baby floaters, etc. are allowed when users are supervised by an adult.

• Running, pushing, or boisterous play in the pool or pool area is not permitted.

• Radios must be played with earphones only. Electrical appliances, including but not limited to blenders, underwater breathing apparatus, knives and other dangerous items are prohibited in the pool and pool area. Also, grills, barbecues, hibachis or other cooking devices are not permitted.

• Emergency safety equipment shall not be moved except for emergencies.

• Pool furniture must be covered before use by anyone using lotion. Pool lounges, chairs and tables are not to be reserved or moved from the pool and pool area.

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